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Doodle Duck


We are two people, a flock of ducks, geese, and sheep, and hundreds of plants living together on just under 7 acres in the Barrington area, in Illinois. Our adventures in farming started with growing our own food, which then expanded to include flowers.

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Our flowers each possess their own distinct charm. They embody the untamed wonder of nature, wild and wonderful in their essence. If you're drawn to flowers with personality and beauty, you'll adore the flowers at Little Ducky Flower Farm.

With us, you can:

  • Enjoy the experience of hand-picking your own bouquet

  • Gift the joy of flowers with a personal touch to those you cherish

  • Elevate your events with hand-selected flowers

From seed to bloom, our flowers are lovingly nurtured with special care and attention. Experience simplicity and authenticity with our blooms, free from unnecessary adornments or extravagant packaging.

At our farm, we believe that sustainable flower farming is more than a practice—it's a commitment. We steer clear of pesticides and herbicides, relying on companion planting to attract beneficial insects and using native plants in our landscape to promote biodiversity that helps create an interconnected and balanced ecosystem. Our dedication to soil health involves minimizing soil disturbances, using homegrown compost, coupled with hand weeding, tarping, and deep mulching, to ensure effective weed management and water conservation. 

Located amidst the picturesque landscapes of Barrington Hills, Illinois, you can immerse yourself in the scenic beauty and hand-pick your own bouquet at our farm. We also offer opportunities for special gatherings and workshops, encouraging you to explore your own garden inspiration.

We invite you to experience the beauty of our locally grown flowers, conveniently located just a few minutes off of Interstate 90. We are situated 40 minutes from downtown Chicago and 20 minutes from Chicago O'Hare International Airport.




We start the spring season with U-Pick tulips. We also hope to offer daffodils, sweet peas, and a small selection of other spring flowers.

We are thinking about possibly hosting a sheep shearing viewing event in May.


We are planning to add a perennial flowers by the dahlia field. This section will take a few seasons to grow in and will offer a mix of native and ornamental blooms.


We  will be offering locally grown pumpkins, seed garlic, mini holly plants for the holidays, classes, and potted evergreens.

We cannot wait to share the magic of our farm with you!

Where are we located?

We are located in Barrington Hills next to the local police station and fire department. We have not published our address online because this is also our private residence. The exact address will appear on checkout.

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