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The Quack Pack

Our namesake comes from our first family members, the six pekin ducks that we got in 2020 during the pandemic. We couldn't get enough of them and our flock has continued to grow ever since. 



In the duck pasture, a delightful mix of ducks and geese meander.


The ducks flaunt a variety of colors, with some sporting iridescent green heads, while others showcase intricate patterns of brown and white feathers. The plump Pekins with their wobbly waddles and curious expressions are endearing, while the Runner ducks, distinguished by their upright stance and quick steps, impart lively energy. Standing out with their diminutive size and adorable appearance, the call ducks possess an outsized personality, often emitting a distinctive, high-pitched call that gives them their name.

Intermingled with the ducks, the geese stand tall and proud, their majestic presence commanding attention. With their elongated necks, they exude an air of regality as they waddle leisurely. Their resonant honks echo their strong social bonds and vigilant guardianship of the flock.


Together the flock create a delightful spectacle that captivates the hearts of all who encounter them.

Our duck breeds: 


Buff Golden Layer 300

Blue Swedish

Blue Runner

Fawn and White Runner

Black Runner


Silver Appleyard

Welsh Harlequin



Call Ducks

Our goose breeds:

Chinese Goose

Emden Goose

Buff Goose

Meet The Flock

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