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Biggie Smalls (Wether)

Biggie Smalls (Wether)


24002 Green



Zuzu (F2 Valais Blacknose)


Lulu (100% Cotswold)



The smallest of our boys Biggie Smalls was born as a Twin to Doodle. He is a friendly boy and enjoys coming up to say hello and for pets. Can be purchased as a wether or ram. He is 37% valais and 50% cotswold. Biggie is also polled and has no horns.

Notice on rams: Although he has some valais genetics, he cannot be used for any breed up programs within the valais blacknose community. However, that doesn't mean you cannot use his genetics to develop your own line of sheep.

Please include your name, phone number, sheep name or tag number, and any questions you may have.

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