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An Invitation to our Village Trustees

Dear Barrington Hills Trustees,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Chris Yamamoto, and I co-run Little Ducky Flower Farm, a flower farm here in Barrington Hills, with my wife Sarah. I am writing to introduce myself and discuss the potential for incorporating a U-pick flower operation as part of our farm activities.

As a community deeply rooted in agricultural heritage, Barrington Hills has a unique opportunity to support sustainable and local initiatives.

The US is the world's largest importer of cut flowers, many traveling thousands of miles from Ecuador, Colombia, and Kenya. This extensive travel diminishes vase life, contributes significantly to carbon emissions, and risks introducing non-native pests (insects or weeds) to our ecosystems. Additionally, imported flowers are often treated with pesticides and preservatives to endure long transport times, impacting both the environment and human health. Furthermore, the global flower industry often relies on unfair labor practices, with workers in some countries facing poor conditions, low wages, and exposure to harmful chemicals.

In contrast, our locally grown flowers thrive under sustainable practices, ensuring freshness, safety, and environmental friendliness. Central to our approach is prioritizing soil health, which bolsters our micro-ecosystem and enhances plant resilience. We steer clear of toxic pesticides and herbicides, instead relying on natural, biodegradable methods and nurturing the presence of native insects and pollinators to create a healthy growing environment. As Barrington Hills proudly identifies as a Bee City, it's imperative to acknowledge that pollinators extend beyond honeybees. Our farm cultivates both native and ornamental flowers, fostering a diverse habitat that attracts butterflies, bumblebees, and other beneficial insects. Furthermore, smaller operations like ours implement customized watering systems, leveraging meticulous monitoring of natural rainfall and farm water usage to enhance water efficiency.

We enjoy serving the hyper-local community, sharing our flowers within a very intimate radius. There is hardly ever a gap of more than 24 hours between when a flower is cut and when it is on the table in someone's home or at an event.

At Little Ducky Flower Farm, it's just the two of us running the farm, with no exploited workers. We take pride in providing unique, colorful, and fragrant floral choices through a natural, sustainable growing method. From choosing plants, seeding, transplanting, and cultivating, we definitely get our hands dirty! The care and attention we put into the flowers are reflected in the quality of our blooms.

Our U-pick flower farm cultivates an atmosphere where locals can connect with nature while supporting local agriculture. Our customers are not just customers; they are friends. Each transaction is an interaction and an exchange of joy between us the grower and the community. In the short time we were open, we've watched families grow and been a part of many momentous moments.

Supporting local agriculture and sustainable practices reflects Barrington Hills' commitment to quality and ethical responsibility. Embracing these initiatives positions our community as a leader in promoting high standards and making environmentally conscious choices, enhancing the prestige and desirability of Barrington Hills as a forward-thinking and environmentally responsible community.

I understand that there may be concerns regarding such operations, and I would like to address these directly. To this end, I would be honored to host you for a tour of our farm at your convenience. This visit would provide an opportunity to see our practices firsthand and discuss how we can ensure that our operations align with the community's values and standards. Our goal is to contribute positively to the village's character while operating sustainably and effectively. I would appreciate any guidance on the most suitable application route to achieve these goals.

Please let me know a suitable time for you. Thank you for considering this invitation. I look forward to the possibility of working together to enhance our local agricultural initiatives.

Warm regards,

Chris Yamamoto

Little Ducky Flower Farm

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