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Little Ducky Flower Farm is located on our private family farm, where we live and work. Your cooperation with these guidelines ensures a delightful, positive experience for all visitors and helps maintains a safe environment. Thank you for being part of our farm community!

General Guidelines

  • Appointments only: Please book an appointment before your visit. We limit slots for a peaceful and fun experience.

  • Child supervision: Children are welcome but must be chaperoned at all times.

  • Clothing suggestion: Opt for weather-appropriate footwear, and consider sun protection and bug spray for added comfort.

  • Parking courtesy: Please do not block the driveway when parking.

  • Designated area: Access is limited to the flower field only. Avoid entering wooded, prairie, or fenced areas, including the animal pastures.

  • Animal interaction: Please refrain from feeding the animals.

  • For your safety:

    • Avoid climbing trees, fences, or standing on garden bed frames. Use the pathways instead of stepping/ jumping over beds please. Additionally, resist the temptation to eat the flowers.

    • We kindly ask that you stay off all farm equipment including and not limited to tractors, wheelbarrows, and trailers.

  • Dog policy: Dogs are not allowed on the property.

  • Accessibility note: While we strive to maximize accessibility, please note that our paths may have uneven terrain, and walkways between beds can be narrow. The walkways consist of a grass/weed mixture, with some lumps and bumps. In the event of recent rain, the ground might be mushy. We trust you to assess the capabilities of yourself or the person you are accompanying to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience.

  • Property limitations: No public restrooms or changing areas available.

  • Weather consideration: In poor weather or field conditions, reservations may be canceled.

Flower Picking Guidelines

  • Picking areas: Immerse yourself in the beauty of our cut flower field. Please limit your flower picking to the designated field, and refrain from cutting flowers in the landscape.

  • Craft your ideal bouquet: Pick flowers that fit your container or match the paid stem count. Let's cherish every bloom and avoid waste.

  • Respectful harvesting: Please do not uproot any plants. If you would like to learn about the varieties we plant, we are happy to share that information!​

  • Scissors safety: The scissors are sharp, so don't forget that you can cut yourself if they're not handled properly. Please return scissors before you leave.​​

Photography Policy​​

  • Casual photography: Feel free to take photos for personal use.

  • Professional photography: For professional or commercial shoots, please book a private appointment. Guidelines and pricing information for professional photography are listed here.

  • Drone-free zone: Aerial photography/drones are not permitted.

  • Access: Please discuss access to areas beyond the flower field in advance. Additional fees may apply.

  • Preserve the scene: Do not disturb or remove plants, containers, or any property to stage photos without prior approval.

  • Consideration: Ensure photography sessions do not interfere with others' enjoyment or safety.

  • Share your joy: Tag us on social media when sharing your photos. We love seeing them!

Instagram: @littleduckyflowerfarm

Tag your photos with this hashtag!


Thank you for supporting Little Ducky Flower Farm. Enjoy your visit and happy picking!

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