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U Pick Flower Bucket

How U-Pick Flowers Work

Revel in the charm of our U-Pick experience, offered in two delightful seasons:


​Spring: U-Pick Tulips 

Summer/Fall: U-Pick Cut Flowers​

While you have the joy of picking the flowers yourself, please note that there are some slight differences in how we manage the two seasons.

duck flower

Summer/Fall U-Pick Cut Flowers

All guests require admission for entry.

We offer two container sizes

  • Blissful Blooms Container (32oz cup): Includes 2 adult admissions​

  • Bountiful Blooms Bucket (~4x the container)Includes 3 adult admissions

We will provide the following
  • One container with water to hold your cut flowers (yours to take home)

  • A pair of scissors (please return the scissors before leaving)

U Pick Tulips

Spring U-Pick Tulips

Each person is required to purchase a ticket for field entry. Adult tickets come with a set number of tulips.

We offer two tulip bundle sizes
  • Blissful Blooms: 10 stems of tulips

  • Bountiful Blooms: 20 stems of tulips

  • You can purchase additional stems during your visit.

We will provide the following
  • A basket for you to hold your tulips (please return the basket before leaving)

  • Option to have your tulips arranged and wrapped.

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